In part one of why you should stay at a Bed and Breakfast inn we looked at some very valid reasons why some people preferred B&B’s to hotels. These included: value for money, interesting buildings, unique rooms and complementary extras. In this blog we look at even more reasons why B&B’s are so popular around the world and why to some extent they leave some hotels far behind.

Personal Attention

Motels and cheap hotels by large corporations are in the main soulless places, with just a receptionist and an outside cleaning firm the only staff in attendance. There is often no communal area to sit or socialize or any members of staff that you can ask information from. When you stay at a Bed & Breakfast things are totally different. The host or innkeeper will go the extra mile to make sure your stay is as comfortable as possible and that guests are made to feel welcome. The owners and family that live in the property of a B&B are happy to impart local history and to explain valuable information such as how to get to places, or the best attractions to visit. In fact, that is the part of the job they take most pleasure in, after all they too wish to gain pleasure running their business.

The Little Extras

Most people who regularly stay in B&B’s will be happy to impart details of their favorite inn, and the reasons why they prefer one B&B to another. Most will be because of the little add-ons and extras that some places offer. At a B&B you are staying at somebody’s home, often in the same house as the host. And they will have decorated it with memento’s and items that give them pleasure as well as the guest. In bedrooms this often means embroidered cushions or similar homespun comforts.

Often mine-host will display their prowess in the kitchen and there will be freshly baked cookies or cakes for guests to enjoy. Some hosts will even leave hors d’oeuvres to enjoy possibly with a complimentary glass of wine to welcome new arrivals. Some B&B’s will allow guests the families’ own facilities, such as DVD player, a library of books and DVD’s, a music system with a selection of CD’s etc. so in effect you are staying at a home away from home. And of course, the free run around of the house, so you can enjoy sitting rooms and outdoor facilities.

No hotel will offer so many comforts to their residents, or if they do it will be at extortionate prices. Looking at all the evidence it is hard to see why that a Bed and Breakfast is not the number one choice for everybody while staying away from home and why they are as popular now as ever before. Every B&B is different and unique, it makes no common sense whatever to stay at a budget hotel if you have a choice. A good Bed and Breakfast is primary a home, where a family dwell and keep the place alive and interesting. That certainly sounds so much more interesting than a lifeless motel or such.