According to the definition by Wikipedia, a bed and breakfast (B&B) is a small lodging establishment that offers overnight accommodation and breakfast. Although this rather simplified explanation of a less gentrified hotel is pretty basic, it does encapsulate the ethos of what a Bed & Breakfast actually is. Different countries have different rules and regulations of what such an establishment must, and must not offer its paying guests. Most of the B&B’s around the world are private family homes in which the hosts continue to live in them whilst taking in boarders. Typically, these homes will have between four and twelve bedrooms with an average around six. So, the question is why would people choose to stay in Bed and Breakfast accommodation rather than a cheap hotel?

Value for Money

The honest answer is value, staying at a budget hotel will mean a small basic room and most likely no breakfast, services are extra and amenities poor. Staying at a B&B the room will be homely and comfortable, with many added on extras for free such as internet etc. Nearly all these establishments offer free and secure parking and complimentary snacks in the room with coffee and tea making facilities. And of course, what is better than waking up to a delicious home cooked breakfast from the owner which is the perfect way to start your day.

Every B&B is Unique

Each Bed & Breakfast establishment is different, they are all unique with their own character. This is definitely not the case with large chain hotels, where every room is identical with bland décor and average fixtures and fittings. Bed and Breakfast establishments are individually decorated, they each have their own feel and identity. Families and groups can have fun checking out each other’s rooms and admiring their differences. Some of the B&B’s take a theme concept to their rooms, and pride themselves how each one is decorated. If the establishment is on a farm or something, then often the owners will allow the guests to enjoy the day to day activities of the household, they offer unique experiences to their paying guests.

History and Tradition

Some Bed & Breakfasts exist in old buildings that have unique histories and stories to tell, modern built shell-hotels offer no such thing. In the UK these can be rambling farmhouses, in the USA it might be a plantation house, or perhaps in Morocco you will be able to stay in a Riad. All encapsulate the culture of their countries and let you immerse yourself in the history of both the building and its people. Staying in a 20-foot square dull room in a cheap hotel will not give you any such experience.

In part two of why you should stay in a Bed & Breakfast we look at other great reasons why such establishments attract so many visitors. Reasons such as personal attention, extra amenities, charming hospitality, being involved in the family business, all these factors bring the extra special factor to staying in a B&B and make them far more alluring than a hotel.