The world of accommodation and the travel industry is highly lucrative business, it encompasses corporate executives, families, the senior citizens and, of course, various events. It is open to people of any age from all sorts of walks of life, offering accommodations raging from business to pleasure. When you plan a business trip or vacation, figuring out where to stay is an important part of your travel, in Britain the choices are immense: from swanky 5-star hotels, boutique hotels, budget hotels, motels, bed and breakfasts, hostels, caravan parks and camping.

As the years have gone by, the humble B&B has gained in popularity and now offer a credible choice to businessmen, who want more than a faceless hotel, and even families, who want a home from home.

B&B’s vs Small Hotels

There are many differences between a small hotel and a good bed and breakfast, some of the differences are subtle and some in sharp contrast. In this article we will focus on these differences and see some of the pros and cons on either side.

Generally, hotels are bigger and offer more rooms, so they can accommodate large parties, but many hotels belong to a large corporate chain and therefore lack the personal touch that an individual business can offer. Normally guests have no opportunity to interact with the proprietor owning the hotel; yet in the case of a B&B, Mine Host is more than happy to chat with the travelers who decide to stay.

Does Size Guarantee Quality?

Just because a hotel has many rooms, it does not necessarily mean that the quality of each individual room is any higher than in a B&B. Even the most prestigious of hotels may not offer the luxury a top-class bed and breakfast can offer. Where a large 5-star hotel does have the edge in the amenities that it can offer, with features such as swimming pools, gyms, bars and restaurants, one must not forget the difference in price which comes into play.

Small Can be Good

Staying at a B&B will give the traveler a unique personal service, normally rooms in a good bed and breakfast will offer en-suite facilities, and the décor can be highly individual, offering many luxury items.

Breakfast is normally the only meal that this sort of establishment offers, but it is usually cooked by the proprietor, offering the finest local produce. Far removed from queuing up at a buffet table with another hundred guests, which is often the case in corporate hotel land.

When you stay in a B&B, you will also get the opportunity to socialize with the people in the house, whether they too live there or are also guests. This is one of the plus points that a well-run bed and breakfast offers, but perhaps the biggest strength of a B&B is the overall value it offers and the availability of home comforts and amenities.

A well-run B&B goes that extra mile for their guests, that is their forte. The owner and their family are there to help with all manner of inquiries, from the best Italian restaurant in town, to how to get to the nearest theme park. And it is this personal service that really sets a bed and breakfast apart from a hotel.