Many people have turned to staying in B&B’s not just because the price is often much lower than big  chain hotels but also because every B&B is totally unique, and each stay brings something completely different. Rather than just check in with some desk clerk it is far more comforting by being welcomed by the owner into his home. If you have never had the pleasure of staying in one of these establishments then here are some reasons why you should try.

The Famous Breakfasts

Owners of B&B’s take personal pride in the breakfasts they serve, it is almost an industry challenge. And rather than the usual hot plate buffets served in hotels expect freshly baked bread, local butter and preserves. Traditional local sausages and bacon, and free range eggs from local farms. Each breakfast is a delight and an adventure from one B&B to the next.

Better Personal Attention

How many times have you been in a hotel and tried to find somebody that you could ask a question to? Many budget chains run on minimal staff, and that means minimal service so don’t expect to be treated as an individual, you are simply a number. Most good B&B’s offer all the little luxuries that you need to make your stay as comfortable as possible, such as free Wi-Fi and information pamphlets. And of course there is always mine host readily on hand to dispense all the local information that you could possibly want. It is their own business and they are not working there as a paid desk clerk so it is in their interest to make your stay as memorable as possible. 

The Bedrooms

Most hotels focus their attention on their amenities, such as bars, swimming pools, beauty salons. But the main focus of a B&B is their bedrooms. And you will be surprised just how opulent some of these bedrooms can be, with individual designs and unique furnishings. Owners take great pride in their homes especially the guest accommodation, there is often fresh fruit and flowers placed in the room on arrival. All now have smart TV’s and modern appliances. Many B&B’s have themed rooms which are great fun to experience, and you can choose a different room every time you stay.

Better Service

B&B’s cater for the individual and that is their great forte, because they do not take in twenty guests at a time mostly the owner and their partner will be attending to you. They are interested in who you are, where you come from, and how did you hear about them. In a B&B you are a guest whilst in a hotel you are a customer, these two philosophies are completely different and service levels reflect this. In a B&B the owners will go out of their way to please you, often they accept and welcome pets. If you have certain dietary requirements they will pay close attention to them. And finally they want their guests to feel that they are at a home away from home.