England is a paradise of castles in the most beautiful locations and full of history. There are so many castles, that it is not possible to open a museum in all of them. As a result, many of these national castles now are turned into accommodation, from bed and breakfast to the most luxury hotels. Some of them even offer self-catering so you can be your own lord or lady of the manor. If you would like to spend a night or two and sleep like a king or queen, then here is the list of some amazing castles where you can book your royal sayings.

Hever Castle Bed & Breakfast

This stunning, 13th century double-moated castle offers luxury B&B accommodation in the Astor Wing of the property and it is located in Edenbridge, Kent. Access to the castle is included in the rate and the gardens can be privately enjoyed by guests after closing. The exterior and interior of the castle is very authentic, and every little detail seems like saved from the medieval ages. However, you can enjoy some miracles of the technologies age such as free Wi-Fi, huge TVs, hair dryers, or jacuzzi baths. Also, this castle is known for its very good restaurant and a great wine collection.

This castle was the childhood home of Anne Boleyn, the second wife of King Henry VIII and mother of Queen Elizabeth I. This is a typical English stunning medieval fortress as it was built in 1270. After the death of Anne Boleyn, Hever passed to another wife of the King Henry VIII, Anne of Cleves. Anne was Henry’s fourth wife and outlived Henry. After a succession of owners, in 1903 the castle came into the possession of William Waldorf Astor who renovated the castle and arranged the romantic gardens.

Traquair House Bed & Breakfast

Romantic Traquair Castle was originally owned by the kings of Scotland. Later, this castle became the home of the Earls of Traquair and is still lived in by their descendants the Maxwell Stuart family. Over a thousand years old, Traquair provides a unique possibility to stay here for a few nights and get an incredible experience.

Traquair House Bed & Breakfast
Traquair House Bed & Breakfast

The family of Stuarts of Traquair supported Mary Queen of Scots and the Jacobite. The family was imprisoned, fined, and isolated for their beliefs, as a result, their home, untouched by time, remains the old days of different England. The castle is built in a beautiful place surrounded by woodland, gardens, and forests of the Tweed valley.

Three spacious double bedrooms furnished with authentic furniture, canopied bed, private bath, and central heating are available on a bed and breakfast basis. Guests may wander in the extensive grounds which lead to the famous River Tweed where fishing on our private stretch is available. Information will be given about the many dining places in the area because the dinner may sometimes be available in the house by prior arrangement but not all the time. In the morning, a full Scottish breakfast is served in the Still Room. This is truly a unique accommodation.