Your bed and breakfast may feel at home to you, whether it be a small cottage by the sea or a townhouse in a crowded city. But to your guests it will be as alien as a faceless big chain hotel room. The advantage a bed and breakfast have over every hotel is you, and the personal touches and attention to detail that you have invested in your business. It is highly important that your guests feel at home the moment they step across the threshold, so a good idea is to have a welcome pack at hand.

Such a pack should include details about you and your business, such as meal times and common areas etc. It should also include information about the locality; places of interest, transportation routes, local restaurants, pubs, cinemas, and emergency contact information.

Your Welcome Pack

Putting together your own welcome pack may sound daunting, but really is simple as all you have to do is sit back and think what would you require in a strange place. The more detailed your pack the better, it is not intended to be taken away and perhaps solicit ideas from your more satisfied guests.


Any welcome pack should include a sincere greeting, tell your guests about you and your story, make it personal. Don’t just launch into a set of rules and regulations. If your own property has a history then expand upon it, also relay information about the locality and why you chose to live there and open your business.

Information Details

Your pack should include all the relevant contact information that guests need to know. This will include all emergency numbers such as, hospitals, police, doctors, dentists, vets etc. Plus, information about your property, including appliance information, mealtimes, how to get in after you go to bed, etc.

List your rules and regulations by friendly phrases, although most guests will respect your home it is always good to remind people how you expect them to behave. List the reasons why you have these rules, it could be local regulations that you have to abide to. Be positive and friendly relaying the information rather than dictatorial, make the list short and sweet.

Highlight the Local Attractions

Relay detailed information of all the attractions and amenities in the locality, explain how to get there and offer a guided tour for a small fee. Make this information for all ages, including family days out as well as art galleries or woodland walks. If you have firsthand experience then relay your personal comments as this is a great commendation.

Welcome Gifts

A really nice touch is to include a small welcome gift with the welcome pack. Make the gift personal such as home baked cookies or freshly baked bread. Perhaps a bottle of locally made wine or beer to celebrate the start of their holiday. This will leave a lasting impression and one they will tell all their friends about.

Take time collating your welcome pack, remember its main purpose is to make your guests feel at home and not just a list of rules and regulations. If possible include some favorable testimonials from previous guests that enjoyed their stay.