The humble Bed and Breakfast is very much a British tradition, and the skill of running such an establishment has almost become an art form in the British Isles. Gone are the days of the rather scruffy boarding houses, today’s modern British B&B’s are at another level completely.

In this blog series we look at some of the top Bed and Breakfast establishments that can currently be found in Britain, they all have unique qualities that elevate them to our list and, without further preamble, we start our journey in Scotland.

Cuil an Duin – Perth

What can be more welcoming than rhododendrons surrounding the pathway and gardens that lead up to this very distinctive B&B near Pitlochry in Scotland. If you time your arrival right, then you will be ushered into the comfortable drawing room to have afternoon tea together with homemade scones and jam. The grounds of Cuil an Dun are simply stunning, all twenty acres of them. And behind the house, the distant mountains are a backdrop to the nearby woodlands. The setting is purely idyllic but it is the house that is the star attraction. Inside there are elegant rooms, modern art, Persian rugs and a very warm Scottish welcome.

The Control Tower – Walsingham

The Control Tower gives the visitor a chance to experience a unique slice of history; formerly this unusual building was a landmark of the Norfolk countryside as it oversaw many aircraft take-offs and landings during WWII. The tower has been lovingly restored by its owners who have added their love of Art Deco to enhance the interior. A choice of afternoon tea or roasted coffee greets the visitor whilst you enjoy the beautifully modern decor of the sitting room.

The bedrooms are bright and airy and all have deep and comfortable mattresses, and the bathrooms are decorated in period fashion which is simply marvelous, and let’s not forget the chance to take a relaxing deep soak in the tub.

Botlet – Liskeard

Farmhouses have always made brilliant bed and breakfast accommodation and Botlet is a magnificent example. To get to the house, you have to pass down a twee country lane strewn with wild flowers. The style of the house is rather surprising as you could describe it as shabby-chic because there is definitely an air of Shaker simplicity going on. Botlet only has two bedrooms and both are fairly rustic and can only be reached by treacherous almost vertical stairs. But the antique beds and the beautiful linen are quite worth the climb. Breakfast is a totally organic affair which offer home-baked, recently picked and just grown fayre. Botlet is quirky, different but loads of great fun.

In part two of the best bed and breakfasts we travel the British countryside to find stunning examples of the great B&B. We visit Devon, Herefordshire and take a trip to the Isle of Wight to uncover many gems that have been offering shelter and hospitality in a way no hotel could possibly ever do; under the watchful eyes of the owners that live and share their homes with others.