Bed and Breakfast spaces have been around for many decades. These kinds of facilities are owned and operated by the property holders and they rent out the rooms at a certain price. Also known as B&B’s, these spaces have grown their reputation based on their personalized service and luxurious accommodations that some offer. The rise of AirBnB has dimmed the reputation of this eclectic, old-fashioned industry. However, if you are deciding between a B&B and an AirBnb property, you should definitely understand the differences between the two. Here they are.

On-Site Staff

One major difference between traditional bed and breakfasts and an AirBnB is the on-site staff. The staff greets you as you arrive at your bed and breakfast and they show you around, letting you know what is available to you during your stay. They also escort you to your room and usually allow you to explore the property to get familiar with it. With an AirBnB, you don’t get any customer service You’re given directions to the property and sometimes the host will meet you there, show you around and you’re left to fend for yourself.


With a traditional AirBnB, you get an entire room to yourself with plenty of space and a closet or dresser waiting for you to temporarily fill it. However, when using an AirBnB, you have no idea what to expect. Since a lot of AirBnB hosts simply rent out the rooms in their homes as opposed to having a dedicated facility, most of the time, closets and dressers are already filled with the owner’s clothing and belongings, leaving you little to no room to put your things.


The pricing of a regular bed and breakfast may be slightly lower than that of an AirBnb. That is because with a traditional bed and breakfast, the owner is simply charging you for your stay, whereas with an AirBnb, you’re charged for your stay, but the host has to pay fees directly to AirBnB. So, in order for those fees not to hurt the host, they need to charge their guests a little more.


Meals are usually included when it comes to traditional bed and breakfasts. Some of the best meals you will ever experience can sometimes come from a bed and breakfast, because most of the time, the owners cook breakfast from scratch. In some instances, the property owner may even have special foods that draw in customers. For those properties that like to go above and beyond, they may even offer afternoon snacks, coffee, and tea. With an AirBnB, you may or may not have food available in your fridge, if you even have a fridge at all. You more than likely will be responsible for cooking your own food or eating out.


When you visit a traditional bed and breakfast, these established must be licensed and fully insured. With an AirBnB, the host only has to adhere to AirBnB’s standards and procedures. Similar to hotels, bed and breakfast facilities have strict rules to follow in order to remain viable in the business. Insurance, inspections and licensing are part of a legitimate B&B. When you contact AirBnB, you’re contacting basic property owners who may not have any experience in the hospitality industry. The property won’t be licensed or fitted especially for guests. In fact, you may not even know where the property is located until the very last minute. A traditional B&B gives you all of the information up front so you know what to expect.


With traditional bed and breakfasts, guests can leave reviews on the B&B’s website, as well as various travel websites. However, there is no way for the property owner to leave a review for any guest, which isn’t always fair because you do have some guests who aren’t trustworthy and who can be loud and troublesome. On the contrary, when dealing with AirBnB, the property gets reviewed by the guest, and the host has the option to rate the guest as well. This comes in handy because if it’s a guest who travels frequently but doesn’t necessarily make the best tenant, then the next person who comes in contact with them will know from the start whether or not they want to allow them in their establishment.

Final Thoughts

I will continue to travel around the world and enjoy a variety of lodging experiences including bed and breakfasts, as well as AirBnB’s. Over time, as a hospitality enthusiast, I will continue to record observations and comparisons. As long as I have a clean accommodation and free WiFi that allows me to watch Netflix movies and play Pokerstarscasino games, I am a happy camper. To each is own, and both of these experiences offer something unique. So, are you choosing an AirBnB or a bed and breakfast?