The third part of our coverage on the best Bed & Breakfast places looks into rooms with outstanding decor and modern, yet different houses in the United Kingdom. We are going to go through cozy places in locations such as Suffolk, Kent, Shetland and a few more. 

Artist Residence in Cotswolds

Cotswolds is located in south central England and has a lot of gorgeous places to stay in, however, Artist Residence stands out of all them with its arty decor and unusual characteristics. In the 16th century this house was built as a pub for locals and now it stayed on to turn it into a beautiful B&B. Staying in this residence, you can find cozy fireplaces with neon glowing signs hanging by them, creative furniture and freestanding bathtub in your room. If you want dinner or just a drink, there is a decorous pub offering all-day services.

Five Acre Barn in Suffolk

This upscale B&B in Aldringham village is surrounded by forest and gardens with rabbits hopping around them. It is an alternative to cheap-looking places to stay in Suffolk. Another great piece of work turned out to be a pretty fashionable B&B. A barn built in the 19th has been renovated and turned into modern looking apartments. With wonderful art works around the places, there is also established fine lighting in each room and polished concrete ground, and it is all for making the place as welcoming as you could expect. Breakfasts are served in a joined dining room where you can enjoy your meal and a nice nature view from the window. 

Old Town Hall House in Norfolk

The house with Bed & Breakfast service was Old Town Hall building in the past. Situated on the north coast of Norfolk, it has been opened 5 years ago and attracts many guests from around the world. This family-friendly house has four spacious rooms, 2 of them have a view to the sea, and nowadays most importantly – there is Wi-Fi connection (a huge advantage as in that area the signal is not quite well). Two owners (James And Jennie) coming from London already been seen as a standout in a crowd, as someone would say – a perfect match. James is a top-notch chef with the gathered experience from working in London and Paris. 

The Rose Deal in Kent

One of the nicest seafront B&B in Kent opened in 2017. If you are a fan of getting tanned on the beach and making memories with your friends or family there, this is the place for you. The Rose is a full of color restaurant and a bar with extensive bedrooms, historic surroundings and an amazing atmosphere. A run-down pub transformed into a vintage B&B. There is a total of 8 rooms in the building and they definitely do not lack colors and decor (purple baths, yellow headboard, comfy beds), additionally, the kitchen is a blend of character and artistry. When ordering the food, the assortment is wide, and it is all made using local products and fresh grown vegetables bought from town.