Britain’s Unique Bed and Breakfasts – Part 2

Our second journey up and down the length of Great Britain to discover some unique bed and breakfast accommodation takes us over the water to the Isle of Wight, lets us visit gorgeous Devon and travel to Wales to see what sort of welcome greets us there. The Linhay –[…]

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The Differences Between a Hotel and a B&B

The world of accommodation and the travel industry is highly lucrative business, it encompasses corporate executives, families, the senior citizens and, of course, various events. It is open to people of any age from all sorts of walks of life, offering accommodations raging from business to pleasure. When you plan[…]

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Essentials for a Bed and Breakfast Welcome Pack

Your bed and breakfast may feel at home to you, whether it be a small cottage by the sea or a townhouse in a crowded city. But to your guests it will be as alien as a faceless big chain hotel room. The advantage a bed and breakfast have over[…]

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